Call COM/ActiveX from Java
Call Java from C# or Visual Basic
Build a COM/ActiveX component for Java classes in 15 minutes
Build a Java API for any COM/ActiveX component in 15 minutes
Quick, easy, high-level, automatic...

EZ JCom builds bridges to call Java classes from .NET languages (e.g. C# or VB.NET), or to call COM/ActiveX objects (including .NET assemblies) from Java.

The bridge building is quick and easy. No learning of low-level technologies such as JNI or COM is required!

Because the bridge builder operates at a very high level, it takes very little developer time to build a bridge. The developer only need specify the Java classes and methods/fields to access, EZ JCom does the rest. In the other direction, the developer simply selects a COM file, and EZ JCom does the bridge building.

More important than the time taken in running the tool itself, there is no time spent dealing with learning the low level technologies of JNI or COM, or dealing with the bugs generated because of the use of these low level technologies. JNI or COM are limited-use technologies, therefore learning these technologies provides no additional benefits to developers. EZ JCom does the work of utilizing these technologies, automatically.

Evaluating EZ JCom doesn't take a lot of time. If you know the Java classes and/or the COM file you want to access, for small projects it will take you 15 minutes or less to generate an API! To begin EZ JCom evaluation, please proceed to the download page.

Or to get more in-depth details about the features of EZ JCom, please visit the Home page or .NET features page.