EZ Jcom

Java to COM/ActiveX Bridge

EZ Jcom ActiveX Controls withVisual UI Tutorial:  Step one

This tutorial shows how to use EZ JCom to access ActiveX controls that have a visual UI, from Java.

For this tutorial, a simple ActiveX object is provided in the sample folder of EZ JCom. The DLL is called ezjcomSampleActiveX.ocx.

The first step is to register this simple ActiveX control by using the command

regsvr32 C:\EZJcom\sample\ezjcomSampleActiveX.ocx


This should come back with a message box saying the registration succeeded.

Now start up EZ JCom, select the “Java Access to COM” wizard, click the "Browse" button and select the sample ActiveX at C:\EZJcom\sample\ezjcomSampleActiveX.ocx. The remaining fields can be filled as follows:

  • Output: C:\ActivexTest
  • Package: j2c.tutorial
  • Library: JEzjcomSampleActiveX.dll

Make sure the package and library names are exactly as shown. Once you have filled in all the input, click the "Build" button.  When asked whether to create the new directory, click "OK".  Then proceed to the next tutorial step.

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