EZ Jcom
Java to COM/ActiveX Bridge

EZ Jcom Base Classes

EZ Jcom includes the following primary base classes, provided in the ezjcom18.jar file.
JComObject   Base class for all COM-object and COM-interface classes.
JComException   Exception class for exceptions thrown by the COM-object and COM-interface classes.
JComError   Thrown when a severe error is encountered in the underlying COM object.
JComVariant   Class for supporting the COM data structure "Variant".
JComActiveXObject   A derived class of JComObject, this class is used for embedding COM Visual UI in Swing or AWT pages (for COM/ActiveX objects that have a visual UI.)
JComActiveXContainer   This class is derived from Canvas, and can be added to AWT or Swing programs. It provides the display area for visual COM/ActiveX UI.
JComEventListener   This class provides the base class for event listeners.

All COM-interface classes have a constructor that accepts a JComObject.  This is useful when a method returns a JComObject -- this returned object can then be turned into the appropriate COM-interface by using this constructor.

The JComVariant class allows a data object that has a tag and a value.  The data item can hold values of different datatypes, such as integer, real numbers, strings etc.  The tag specifies which type of value is being held currently.  Getter and setter methods are provided to access both the tags as well values of various data types.

Javadoc for the EZJCom Java classes