EZ Jcom
Java to COM/ActiveX Bridge

Basics of using EZ JCom

EZ JCom will generate Java classes that you can call to access COM objects. A brief overview of how to use these classes is provided in the Basic Overview of accessing COM from Java.

A good starting point to get familiar with the workings of EZ JCom is the Basic COM tutorial.

If you are interested in embedding a COM object inside a Swing/AWT page, the basic tutorial can be followed by the ActiveX Basics, ActiveX Tutorial and Internet Explorer in a JPanel tutorial.

If you are an experienced Java programmer and have at least a vague understanding of what your COM object might be doing, the simplest approach to start using EZ JCom may be to just do it:

  • Run the EZ JCom tool.
  • Browse for your COM object.
  • Specify an output folder and a package name, and click the "Build" button.
  • Review the Basic Overview for using the classes generated by EZ JCom,
  • Review the Javadoc for your COM API,
  • Start writing test programs.
When you are somewhat familiar with EZ JCom, you may want to peruse the rest of the documentation.

The sample programs at http://www.ezjcom.com/SampleMain.html may also be also be helpful. These include a Macromedia Flash sample. For help in working with Microsoft Excel, please visit the Working with Microsoft Excel page.

After gaining familiarity with using EZ JCom on the local machine, you may also want to investigate the remote-access features documented on the Remote Access page.