EZ Jcom
Java to COM/ActiveX Bridge

Steps in building the generated sources

Once the sources have been generated by running the EZ Jcom tool, they need to be built.  The last page of the tool can help you doing the necessary builds. But if you did not choose to build it there, or if you wish to build it again, the steps are outlined below. The build process has several components listed below.  The build process can be done from an MS-DOS  (command) prompt. To build, CD to the output directory that was specified to the EZ JCom tool, and execute the various batch files.
  1. Compile the Java Sources
  2. Generate Documentation
  3. Build the JNI DLL
  4. Place the JNI DLL

Compile the Java sources

The tool creates a file called MakeJava.bat to compile the generated Java sources.

Generate documentation

The tool creates a file called MakeJavadoc.bat to generate documentation in the "doc" subdirectory.

Build the JNI DLL

Evaluation Users:  In evaluation copies, the JNI DLL is built at EZ JCom website. The tool will do this automatically.

Full Tool Users:  This step requires a C++ compiler.  If you do not have a compiler, please visit the compilers page at the EZ JCom website.

Placing the JNI DLL

The DLL generated above needs to be placed somewhere that java will be able to find and load it.  This should be in any one of the following locations:
  • The "current directory", i.e. the directory from where the "java" command will be invoked.
  • The Windows directory, C:\WINDOWS on this system.
  • The System directory, C:\WINDOWS\system32 on this system. This is option recommended by the evaluation tool.
Overview of accessing COM from Java