EZ Jcom
Java to COM/ActiveX Bridge

The DLLs

EZ JCom uses DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files for communication between Java and the underlying OS. These files contain C or C++ code that translates Java calls to COM and vice versa.

For each COM object you give to EZ JCom, it will generate one particular DLL file. (For evaluation copies, these DLLs are generated at the EZ JCom web-site. For purchased copies, these DLLs are generated by the user. For tutorials, these DLLs are already included in the C:\EZJcom\sample folder.)

In all of these cases, the DLL must be placed in a location from where it can be loaded by the Java program. This can be one of the following:

  • The "current" directory.
  • The Windows directory; C:\WINDOWS on this system
  • The System directory; C:\WINDOWS\system32 on this system
(Alternatively, it may be placed in the java library path specified by "java.library.path".)

In addition to this DLL for each COM object, the EZ JCom package also requires the following DLL:

  • EZJComLib18.dll
This file has already been placed by the EZ JCom installer in C:\WINDOWS\system32 on your machine. But when running the Java programs on other machines, this DLL must also be present in a similar location.