EZ Jcom
Java-COM JNI Bridge

EZ Jcom Tutorial:  Step one

This tutorial goes through the steps required to automate Internet Explorer using EZ Jcom.

Internet Explorer exposes its automation capabilities via a COM object, contained in the DLL shdowvw.dll. The DLL is typically located in the system32 folder (which appears to be C:\WINDOWS\system32 on your system.) You may have to search for this DLL.

In this tutorial we will provide the DLL file shdocvw.dll to the Java2Com tool.  We will also provide an output directory c:\J2ctut, a package name iexplorer and a JNI library name Jiexplor.

For the first step, click the "Browse for COM file" button, and locate the shdocvw.dll. (The image shows C:\Winnt\system32\shdocvw.dll, but sometimes the file is located in C:\Windows\system32\shdocvw.dll.)

once you have specified the shdocvw.dll, click "Next" and fill in the

  • output directory c:\J2ctut (click OK when asked whether to create the directory,)
  • the package name iexplorer and
  • the library name Jiexplor
in the next pages.

Important:  If you are using the evaluation version, the package name and library name must be exactly the same as mentioned above, i.e. iexplorer and Jiexplor respectively.  In the registered version, you can change these if desired.  This is because the evaluation version contains a pre-built Jiexplor.dll for evaluation purposes.  This DLL has been built using the iexplorer package name.

Once you have filled in all the input, you will be shown all of it for review. Review click the "Build" button.  When asked whether to create the new directory, click "OK".  Then proceed to the next tutorial step. (NOTE: The "Build" process will open another browser window at a readme.html file. You can close that and return to this one.)

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