EZ Jcom
Java to COM/ActiveX Bridge
The Basics of using EZ JCom
Detailed Steps in Using the EZ Jcom tool   Tutorials   Basic COM Tutorial
Basic overview of accessing COM from Java   ActiveX Controls with Visual UI Tutorial
Calling COM objects from a remote machine   Events Tutorial
Using Visual COM UI in Java Swing/AWT/SWT pages
Receiving COM event notifications in Java
Working with VARIANTs in EZ JCom
Java threads in EZ JCom
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
COM iterator processing in EZ JCom
Overview of EZ JCom base classes
Casting, STA/MTA, DCOM, and Miscellaneous Items
COM Object Persistence
The DLLs
Setting the classpath
Compiling and building the generated files
Design Overview
The EZJCom Java classes