Call COM/ActiveX from Java
Call Java from C# or Visual Basic
Build a COM/ActiveX component for Java classes in 15 minutes
Build a Java API for any COM/ActiveX component in 15 minutes
Here are some sample programs that show how EZ JCom can be used in various ways. These samples are for the Java-to-COM direction. (The COM-to-Java direction is too simple in EZ JCom to need any samples - you select the Java methods/fields you want, build the COM component, then reference it from your C# or VB IDE and start using the methods/fields, done!)

Basic COM objects

EZ JCom can be used to interface to standard COM objects that do not include UI. For instance, COM objects that provide a service. The following sample shows how to do this from a simple Console based program.

Controlling Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer exposes a COM interface, that allows other programs to start up an instance of Internet Explorer, navigate to various URLs in this instance, and shut it down.

The link below shows a sample main program that automates Internet Explorer via its COM interface. The classes InternetExplorer and IWebBrowserApp used in this sample are automatically generated by EZ JCom. EZ JCom also generates the documentation for these classes from the COM documentation.

More sample Java programs for Internet Explorer are available at the Internet Explorer Samples page.

Java API for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

Samples Java programs for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word are provided at the Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word pages.

COM objects with a UI

Some COM objects have a UI (commonly known as ActiveX controls.) EZ JCom can also be used to access such COM objects, by embedding them in an AWT or a Swing program.

Playing Flash (.swf) videos in a Swing program

The link below shows how to embed the Flash ActiveX in a JFrame, and how to play movies in that JFrame.

Windows Media Player embedded in a Swing program

The link below shows how to embed the a Windows Media Player API in a JFrame.

Embedding Internet Explorer in a Swing program

Internet Explorer also includes an ActiveX component that can be embedded in and used from other programs. Now, with EZ JCom, this ActiveX is also available to Java programmers.

The link below shows how to do this.

Here is a snapshot of a Swing UI with an Internet Explorer ActiveX control embedded within it.